Friendship & Philanthropy Goes Beyond Retirement

​Submitted by: Carolyn and Meredith

Best friends Carolyn and Meredith volunteer together at Three Square once a week during the morning session from 9 a.m. to noon. Volunteering gives them the opportunity to get some exercise, enjoy the camaraderie, and bag fresh produce in our volunteer room – which is their favorite activity! We interviewed Carolyn and Meredith to learn more about their volunteer experience.

Thanks for taking a moment to speak with us. Could you tell us about yourselves and how you heard about Three Square?

Meredith: I heard about Three Square from a friend who had volunteered in the Kids Cafe® program. Carolyn joined me and we tried the BackPack line. Next we tried packing produce. That ended up being our niche.

Carolyn: I was aware of Three Square from my job and my best friend, Meredith. I worked as a social worker at UMC in the physical rehabilitation unit for many years before I retired. I went into social work to help people who needed help.

Why do you volunteer?

Meredith: I am a retired school teacher from an at-risk school, and when I heard that 64 percent of CCSD students are on free or reduced lunch, I decided that volunteering here was for me! I saw hungry children every day while I worked, and there was no food bank to help.

What advice would you give to seniors/retirees who may be intimidated about volunteering?

Carolyn: Volunteering at Three Square is good exercise and helps people who are food insecure. We have tried several activities at Three Square. We let the staff know what we enjoy doing and what is too physically demanding. Some activities can be done sitting down.

Meredith: Now, instead of spending all my time gardening, reading or working on Sudoku puzzles, I have somewhere to come to be actively involved in helping our community. If you want to help, just do it! It's easy to work around your own schedule to find time to help.

We're so grateful to have dedicated volunteers like Carolyn and Meredith. Volunteering is a fun and rewarding way to make the community a better place, while spending time with friends – and making new ones! Find out how you can lend us a hand by visiting our volunteer page. If you're already a registered volunteer, head to our calendar to set up your next visit.

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