bob“I’ve got an education. I’ve got tools and equipment,” says Bob with frustration. “There’s just no work.”

Bob, at 65, is in a tough position that’s become all too familiar for so many of our Southern Nevada neighbors. As a young man, Bob served his country proudly as a Navy pilot. For six years, he traveled the world and even served an active tour of duty in Vietnam. He went to college and earned a degree in electrical engineering. And until two years ago, he’d been working as a highly qualified electrician and general contractor.

But then the jobs dried up.

Not working has been extraordinarily difficult for a man like Bob. He has three grown children and he wants them to be able to look up to him like they always have. While many at his age would be looking to retirement, Bob wants to keep earning and contributing.

“It’s emotionally devastating to be idle,” he says about his situation.

Not only is it difficult emotionally, two years without a steady income has taken a serious financial toll on Bob. And now he can’t even afford something as basic as groceries.  Bob, like hundreds of other veterans, seniors, families and children can visit the Central Christian Church in Henderson, a Program Partner of Three Square, to receive food. It wasn’t easy for Bob to ask for help, but he’s more than thankful for your generosity that has put food on his table.

“It’s a blessing for me,” he says. “Thank you and God bless you!”

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