Verne and Julia

I am constantly amazed by the diversity of volunteers who come through our doors each day to give their time and effort to ending hunger here in Southern Nevada. And I am humbled by their simple desire to help those who are hungry. Our community truly comes together here at Three Square – literally comes together -- to take care of itself. To me this is the very definition of community.

Recently we had a 9-year-old, Maura, who had decided that she wanted to celebrate her 10th birthday doing volunteer service here on a Saturday. It astounded me that anyone her age would want to do this, on the first day of her 10th year (our minimum age for volunteers), AND that she wanted to hold her birthday party here with 30 friends who would join her putting together groceries for families struggling with hunger. Not the bowling alley, not the movies, not a restaurant. Nope – Three Square. And they had a blast packing 40-lb boxes of canned and dry goods along a conveyor line in our north warehouse.

What made this moment even more priceless was the elderly couple that came in to volunteer shortly after Maura and her friends had set to work. Verne and Alice, both 83, had heard about Three Square through their church and wanted to help. As soon as they arrived, I paired them with Maura's group of birthday celebrants, and they really hit it off. Verne took up a position at the beginning of the conveyor where he was providing empty boxes to the line for packing, while Alice worked with Julia (one of Maura's friends) at the beginning of the line placing canned goods into the empty boxes. Once the whole group had ironed out their process and were off and running, I left them alone for a bit while I went to check on another volunteer activity. When I came back into the north warehouse, I could hear Julia hollering out to Verne, "Come on Verne, pick up the pace! We need more boxes here!" Verne was wearing an ear-to-ear grin, tickled by Julia's sincerity and passion. To see this couple side-by-side with the 10-year-olds – working together, laughing, and challenging each other to "keep up" with the pace of "production" -- was the highlight of my day.

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