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Is your organization looking to improve employee communication skills and build stronger teams, all while helping others in need?

Succeed & Feed is Three Square’s new and innovative team building program that guarantees to educate, motivate and inspire through a combination of team building, personal development and meaningful activities in our food bank that help those in need.

The fun and rewarding sessions are led by Anders Hansen, a trained communication model facilitator and can be hosted at Three Square, a convention center or even a hotel. The program is designed for maximum impact in a minimal amount of time and includes the following:

  • Personal assessments for each participant that reveal their unique communication style.
  • Increased morale and camaraderie among colleagues through fun, competitive, meaningful and high energy activities.
  • Communication style training tools that can be applied personally and professionally.
  • A positive impact in the community with Three Square – The Nation’s youngest and fastest growing food bank.
  • Breakfast and lunch.

Succeed & Feed integrates proven tools for team building in one event, and delivers immediate results that will leave a lasting impression on your team. When you book your team building session at Three Square, not only will you receive a complete team building package, all proceeds from your session will go back into funding our mission of putting nutritious meals into the community.

Hunger does not discriminate - it affects men, women, children and seniors in our community every single day. One in seven Southern Nevadans don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Your team can make a difference in our efforts, while improving your organization’s efficiencies. A true win, win!


“The team building program was such a highlight of the trip and made an incredible impact on the group. I found the whole experience to be really emotional”Jenny Montagu, Group event coordinator, Thermomix Australia

"The fact that we were able to not only learn something that improves our communication at work, but that we are helping children and families in need at the same time, made it very special" - Kannon Smith, General Counsel, Nevada Restaurant Services Inc.

"I have done many team building programs over the course of my career, but never do I recall doing one where we made a positive impact in our community. It was instant gratification. In this course I left with new tools but also with a sense of accomplishment. It is a win/win no matter how you look at it. Great course and great food!" - Joe Graziano, General Manager, Hoover Dam Lodge Hotel & Casino


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Succeed and Feed - Thermomix Australia


For more information please contact our Team Building department at (702) 644-3663 ext. 331 or at

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