linaLina and her husband have four beautiful children – Jacqueline, Carolina, Jahn and Michelle. They love their kids and would do anything for them – but lately, it’s been hard to just make ends meet.

Lina’s husband has been out of work for close to four months. With the soaring unemployment rate here in Las Vegas – more than 13 percent – it’s been nearly impossible for him to find a job. Lina stays home with the children full-time, so these months without any income have taken a serious toll on the family.

“It’s very hard,” says Lina. “He’s looking everywhere [for work].”

Jacqueline and Carolina participate in their school’s free lunch program during the school year, which really helps stretch the family’s budget. But once school lets out for the summer, Lina will have to find a way to provide the meals her daughters normally receive at school.

Lina and her husband never thought they’d have to worry about how to feed their children. But right now, they need help. Fortunately, food is one thing they don’t have to be anxious about this summer. Lina can take home nutritious groceries from Lutheran Social Services, a Three Square Agency Partner.

Lina is so thankful for the food she receives. Thanks to your generosity, her children will have enough to eat during these difficult summer months even as she and her husband continue working to get back on their feet.

“Thank you very much – thank you for your help for my children!” she says. “We really need the assistance.”

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