debbieDebbie is like so many Southern Nevada parents these days. She’s been looking for work everywhere for months. Unfortunately, jobs have been scarce and Debbie has been out of work since December. Right now the only source of income she has to provide for her three children is a monthly child-support check. But it’s not much.

Her kids receive free breakfasts and lunches at school, but now that all Clark County schools are going to a traditional 9-month school year, it means her kids will be home for a full three months this summer.

Debbie is already struggling to put food on the table for her family, and she’s overwhelmed by the thought that in just a few weeks, she’ll need to provide her children with three meals a day all on her own.

Thankfully Debbie can access the same nutritious groceries that you and I do. Even though she can’t afford to buy fresh produce, meat and canned goods and toiletries at the store, she can still provide for her family by visiting the Community Baptist Church, a Three Square Program Partner in Las Vegas.

This special partner is one of Three Square’s Food Rescue Program distribution sites. Families like Debbie’s can come to the church each Tuesday for a big box of food and other grocery items that come directly from Three Square’s local retail store partners.

“It’s such a relief to come here,” says Debbie. “It means my kids get to eat tonight!”

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