A Second Chance for Breakfast

Date: Friday, February 9, 2018

Robison Middle School is Powered by Breakfast! The staff at Robison work together to make sure that kids have access to the first meal of the day through innovative breakfast delivery options, such as Second Chance Breakfast. Implementing the Second Chance Breakfast model is no easy feat, but Robison has been able to adapt the model to work for them. We spoke with Valencia A. Meyer, dean of students, to learn more about the challenges and rewards of incorporating a breakfast program into her school's daily routine.

1. In implementing the second chance breakfast model, (second chance is typically served between first and second period), what were some challenges that your school faced?

The biggest challenge was ensuring that students did not miss any instructional time while they were having the second opportunity to eat breakfast.

2. How did you and your team overcome those challenges?

We extended the designated Second Chance Breakfast period so students would not miss the start of their class.

3. In one sentence, describe how breakfast helped your school?

Students who start their day with a nutritious breakfast are nourished and prepared to learn without the distraction of hunger.

4. Are there any breakfast tactics/tips used at your school that you believe would be helpful to staff at other schools?

Establishing systems to service students quickly is critical to the success of the process. Also, it is helpful to have multiple adults present to supervise students.

5. What are some comments from students and their families about the free breakfast they are receiving?

The families who know of our breakfast program are appreciative of the opportunity for their kids to receive and eat a free, nourishing meal before their classes. Our aim now is to increase awareness of our breakfast program among all parents.

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