Be of Good Cheer

Written by: Larry Scott, Chief Operating Officer
Date: November 9, 2020

As a teenager growing up in Las Vegas, I had a dear friend who often invited me into their home. They had a wonderful family, and their home was a place that always felt good to me.

Close to their refrigerator, which is where we teenage boys spent a good deal of time, there was a large sign that read, "BE OF GOOD CHEER."

I gave little to no thought about the sign for many years. Somehow, however, the vision of that sign has never left my mind. I can picture it as clearly as anything I have seen in the last few hours. Today, more than ever, the meaning of that sign has an incredible impact on my attitude.

As we now head into the eighth month of the pandemic, the media has maintained a sharp interest in what is happening at Three Square. Do we have enough food, how’s the volunteer activity, can you comply with social distancing or where is the demand going? These are all regular questions. They almost always conclude with, is there anything we are leaving out?

My answer to that question is almost always influenced by the sign in my friend’s kitchen — BE OF GOOD CHEER. It is easy to be discouraged or cynical during these times. Many people have had their lives terribly interrupted. So many are in serious need for food. My answer to them is BE OF GOOD CHEER because we at Three Square have the great privilege to be at the epicenter of giving and kindness. We know how Southern Nevada has rallied around this need of hunger, and the generosity of this special community needs to be celebrated. We at Three Square and so many amazing partners simply won’t settle until we have a hunger-free community.

I like to tell the reporters that for those hungry people who watch, read or listen to these news stories, they should know that there is an army of people who care greatly about them. Many donate either their time, food or funds while others sew masks for our brave volunteers and employees who are out in the community daily delivering food. The generosity and the depth of their concern for their neighbors makes me feel joy each and every day.

We so often focus on data as we measure our success of feeding our hungry neighbors. Today, we measure the response of Southern Nevada and how this community has once again risen to the occasion not in pounds of food, but rather in glorious generosity and caring. How fortunate we are at Three Square to be stewards of this critical effort.

Thank you, Southern Nevada – BE OF GOOD CHEER.

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