February's Food for Thought

Written by: Rachel Shiffrin
Date: Wednesday, February 5, 2020

This month's column was written by Three Square supporter, Rachel Shiffrin.

At the beginning of each new year, my husband David and I like to reflect on joys from the previous year and hopes for the coming year. We are so lucky, of course, that sustenance is not on either list. For too many people in our community, basic needs like having enough food are pressing hopes.

With the recent birth of our first daughter, Aria, the reality of food-insecure children and families has become even more poignant. Aria is well-fed. (If you saw our chubby baby, you might even say over-fed!) She will never know the worry over her next meal or the sadness and frustration of going to bed on an empty tummy. Maybe more importantly, we as parents will never know the fear and desperation of not being able to feed her.

David and I do not take our lucky position in life for granted and only feel like we should be doing more! We absolutely love Three Square for taking on the hunger crisis and for doing so efficiently and in tandem with so many community partners and generous leaders. They make sure our community is aware that yes, even in 2020, even in our community of opulence and excess, there are still hungry people. We love to volunteer in the warehouse, whether sorting produce for food-insecure seniors or packing weekend bags of food for children who would otherwise go hungry. Thank you to Three Square for making it so easy for us to play a small part in ending hunger.

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Three Square Food Bank (Three Square) is registered with the Secretary of State and qualified by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, and a member of Feeding America. Established in 2007, Three Square is Southern Nevada’s only food bank and the area’s largest hunger-relief organization. Our mission is to provide wholesome food to hungry people, while passionately pursuing a hunger-free community. Your charitable contribution to Three Square is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.