Food for People, Not Landfills

Written by Ashanti Lewis
Date: Wednesday, May 29, 2019

In the United States, more than one-third of food is wasted or not consumed, posing a significant social and environmental issue.

Perishable items like fruits and vegetables may be discarded due to cosmetic reasons, such as having blemishes or irregular shape; whereas, overstocking in grocery stores and sell-by and expiration dates may cause confusion to the public. Rather than being sent to landfills, healthy and fresh food should be distributed to those in need.

In Nevada, we are doing our part to remedy food waste. Sponsored by Senator Yvanna Cancela (District 10), Senate Bill 178 (S.B. 178) proposes legislation to establish the Governor's Council on Food Security as a continuous body advising the Governor. In addition, S.B. 178 would help usher in the Food for People, Not Landfills program. This bill would further implement the goals of the Food Security Plan of Nevada; establish membership amongst a relevant pool of stakeholders in food and nutrition policy; create a five-year state goal to increase available food resources for distribution to hungry people through food rescue and recovery efforts; and establish non-monetary incentives to private businesses and institutions for implementing a waste reduction plan.

S.B. 178 unanimously passed through the Nevada Senate and is now in the process of making its way through the Nevada Assembly. Three Square Food Bank has received positive reception and support for this bill, and we express our gratitude for Senator Cancela's hard work and dedication in joining us to end food insecurity. Together, we can feed everyone. 

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