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Date: Thursday, February 1, 2018

Giving Society members Anthony and Amy Laws have been a part of Three Square's pursuit of a hunger-free community since 2010. The couple has generously contributed the equivalent of nearly 50,000 meals to our food-insecure neighbors. On top of that, Amy volunteers often with us and has donated more than 253 hours of her time to the fight to end hunger. Our volunteer department presented her last year with a volunteer appreciation award for her selfless devotion to serving our community. We interviewed Amy to delve into the reasons behind their passion for giving.

Tell us how you became involved with Three Square

I've wanted to become involved with food banks and food insecurity outreach for many years. Like many, I've responded to the Holiday Match Campaign with a donation, but I wanted to do more than just write a check. After spending an afternoon or two with the Smith's Grocery scanning program, I went on one of Mikell's tours at Three Square and was absolutely amazed by the enormous variety of programs the organization offers to the community. Immediately, I gravitated towards programs focused on childhood hunger, such as the Kids Cafe® program. I met so many members of the Three Square staff, as well as terrific volunteers who share the same passion and enthusiasm that I do for making a difference in the fight against hunger in our area.

What's your favorite volunteer activity and why?

Definitely Kids Cafe. I love working with all the volunteers and the Three Square staff, and being part of a program that benefits so many children valley-wide. It brings such warmth to my heart knowing that every child who benefits from this program won't go home worried about a meal that day.

What inspires you to give back?

There are so many emotions and experiences that inspire my husband and me to give back, but none are more important to us than these. Witnessing just how much of a difference can be made in this fight motivates us to get that much more involved. One person, one extra shift, one program, three hours on a Saturday, or just one single donation may be the difference-maker in someone's life. Many of the programs we're a part of are the 'behind the scenes' type programs. However, on the rare occasion that the volunteer work takes us into the public, it's amazing to witness the tremendous impact and effect these programs have on people's everyday lives. Plus, just getting engaged with a charity and finding a program that you can take to heart just gets you fired up to do more!

Complete this sentence: Ending hunger is something that should be important to everyone and that we can all work together to beat!

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