Three Square’s Advocacy Program Continues to Grow with Support from Barrick Gold

Written by Jodi Tyson
Date: Tuesday, December 18, 2019

Nevada's legislative landscape is shaping up now that the mid-term elections are done, and Congressional and State Legislative calendars are set. Three Square's advocacy efforts are already well underway, having released our legislative agenda in February 2018. Since then, we have been refining language, gathering a coalition of support for our priorities, and meeting with candidates to build a foundational understanding of our policy priorities.

Three Square recently received a second donation from Barrick Gold that will go specifically to support our advocacy efforts. Barrick Gold invests in our efforts because Three Square can demonstrate the success of our advocacy program.

Three Square invests in advocacy because our mission demands it. In order to create a hunger-free community, Three Square must be a knowledgeable resource to decision makers on anti-hunger and anti-poverty strategies. We are experts in implementing nutrition programs, administering government funds, and evaluating progress, and this information is needed and requested by elected leaders. We couldn't do this work without the support and encouragement of our community leaders and major donors like Barrick Gold. Three Square was recently awarded $25,000 for advocacy efforts in 2019. These funds ensure that Three Square has the resources to advance our policy priorities, including a food rescue bill that will add more than 9 million new meals, over a five year period, to the charitable food distribution system. This infusion of food will help an estimated 30,000 individuals experiencing food insecurity.

In past legislative sessions, Three Square has leveraged advocacy donations, such as Barrick Gold's contribution, to ensure huge returns on investment for the people of Nevada. In 2015, Three Square did the heavy lifting to pass and enact the SB503 the Breakfast After the Bell bill which increased federal dollars supporting children's nutrition in school by more than $6 million. Then, in 2017, Three Square championed SB323, which among other things mandated that the state pursue waivers for SNAP when the state was eligible. The bill saved benefits for an estimated 41,000 Nevadans and kept $57 million in benefits flowing through our state's economy in grocery purchases.

Three Square intends to continue this pattern of success in 2019, and we appreciate Barrick Gold's recognition of our success and continued financial support for our advocacy efforts!

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